My 2nd Project

Its hard to tell. But I have finished my second projects last nite!
My project is making stop motion video.. My first was for me and its not paid.. But my second bring me to opened to build my own business :)
Uhhh I earned my first salary from my own effort and it was satisfied! :D I feel so satisfied and it cant tell by the words because this is more than words :D

I will tell you about my last job.
I have been a model when I was a kid. And I'm not continued that because I feel I have no passion there. I was join to every event that happened and the result was not dissapointing :D I've become the first, runner up, or favorite rank on that every event which I was join.
Then, on December 2011. I becoming a music video model with Omar. Hahaha!! It was a suchhhhh fool experience in my entire life! I've earned my first salary from it.It was exciting and I think I want to try to be video model again :P

Oooohhh.. I don't know what I have typed here now.. I think I've been boring with this article.. Hahaha I don't know what to type moreee... I'm on Accounting test and I was stealing time from my teacher to write this article :D lol..

Bye, fellas :)


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