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Hello everybody!

Just let me introduction myself :P
My name Safira Rinaldy, and you can call me Safira. I'm almost 17 years old. I lived in Solo and I was 11th grade on Senior High School, and I'm real-senior next year..
Okay, I dont know what to say then. But I still wanna write in ma blog, actually :-(

Can I tell you about ma biography? Hahaha I think that's not important but you know laa, I dont know what to say to y'all. Let me write behind this okay...

BIOGRAPHYFull Name: Hanadya Safira Rinaldy
Birth of date: June, 15th 1995
Blood Type: O (Oh God, I know that's suck, but I want to write this? :P LOL)
Country: Indonesia

Is it enough? Hahaha I dont think so...