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Holy-Day! emm... Or Holiday?

Since June, 25th I was starting my Summer Holiday! Yippyyyy!!! And I dont know where to spending my Summer Holiday (--,) you know? Its suck to being always on the house, do nothing and have no money.
Oh ya, I'm up grade! Now, I was 12 grades on my school B) how cool is it! Hahaha and I get 3rd rank on my class :P I'm sooooo happy :D but my Daddy do not give me any thing. Actually I just want iPod touch and new laptop so much. Or he can bought both of them to me plus new phone, maybe :P Hahaha

I do not know what must I write here. But I'm do happy to having my holiday (: Hope you all enjoy your holiday too! xoxo..


Hey you guys! If you have an instagram account, you can follow mine!

Instagram: Sapihere

Glad to know you xo!


On June, 15th I having my 17th birthday :P *thanks God, you let me life in this world until 17th years!* and I have some and umm many surprise from my friends and best-friends :D ({})

First of all. Amanda's plan. She wanna give me surprise on 12 o'clock! I know before because she has chatted with my sister when I bring her phone :-P and I know she was overing Raga to make me angry, and VOILA... It works! June, 14th at 9 PM I was sleep.
Still on June 14th, somebody has knocked out my room door with a power and its so disturbing me! I woke up and opened my closed door. Andd...... 'Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you...' from Amanda and Mamen :-$ Ukhhhh, I love you two guys♥♥♥!!

 Mamen. Me. Amanda. ♥  Mamen. Me. Amanda. 17th Birthday Cake :9. ♥  Me. Amanda. ({}). ♥  Me. Tante Fanny :3. ♥  Me. Another kejahilan Amanda. ♥ Me. Amanda. Edited. Green. Red. Whatever. ♥
And I need to shower up to clean my hair. Are you fucking kidding me?! Its almost 1 o'clock!  Finally I …


Hi, everybody! I'd like to share many photos of my classmates... Here it isssss....

 Me on class. Another boredom attack... Me while Sociology class. Bored.  Me(again) still bored.  Bu Eko's birthday \:D/ #1   Bu Eko's birthday \:D/ #2  Me. Batik. Friday. Annoying. Me again and break time.   Me. Tongue. Break time. Me. Smile. Break time.  ME AGAIN AND IT STILL BREAK TIME!!!   Friday. Bored. English class.  Pengajian @ Ovi's house. With Shelin...  Screenshot. My phone. Random  Bu Eko's birthday \:D/ #3  Bu Eko's birthday \:D/ #4. Cake war with XI IPS 2. Geology's Museum. Study Tour. Me, Kuncung, and Ferry  Drama. Practice. Yoan. Kimcil. Another bored. Friday.  Me while break time. Suwung.  Friday. Bored. English class. Me, Yoan, and Revina.  Friday. Bored. English class. Me, Yoan, and Citra.