On June, 15th I having my 17th birthday :P *thanks God, you let me life in this world until 17th years!* and I have some and umm many surprise from my friends and best-friends :D ({})

First of all. Amanda's plan. She wanna give me surprise on 12 o'clock! I know before because she has chatted with my sister when I bring her phone :-P and I know she was overing Raga to make me angry, and VOILA... It works! June, 14th at 9 PM I was sleep.
Still on June 14th, somebody has knocked out my room door with a power and its so disturbing me! I woke up and opened my closed door. Andd...... 'Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you...' from Amanda and Mamen :-$ Ukhhhh, I love you two guys!!

 Mamen. Me. Amanda. 
 Mamen. Me. Amanda. 17th Birthday Cake :9. 
 Me. Amanda. ({}). 
 Me. Tante Fanny :3. 
 Me. Another kejahilan Amanda. 
Me. Amanda. Edited. Green. Red. Whatever. 

And I need to shower up to clean my hair. Are you fucking kidding me?! Its almost 1 o'clock!  Finally I washed my hair....

Then, I go to school today (15/6) and a lot of my friends said Happy Birthday  to me :p they're so sweet. I love you all guys!!! But some of my classmates didn't said Happy Birthday to me-_- and that's not important. I'm 17th years old now :-P
and at 11 o'clock i've got my 2nd surprise from my classmates who not talk to me. They were give me some fucking things that very-very-very-very disgusting, of course, and so STINKY!!!! they give me some sand in my head too. I love you too guys!!!

Finally I got home at 12 PM. Alone. Wet. Stink.... Took a bath for an hour and my head still gatel....
I text Mochi because I'm craving for KFC. And go there until 3 PM :-P we've got home again and start to clean my dirty desk :-P and and andddd, suddenly my room door is like scream Happy Birthday's song to me till I watched who sing a song, and it was Vabela, Syeli, Tita and Ndot !

Love you all Guys!!! Y'all my best ever!


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