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I was just thinking, maybe the reason why do I lost my interest of writing is I don't feel those broken heart for this way too long.
I write when I feel bad, or maybe feel broken.
Because this is my getaway.
And there's no one can stop me, hear me, feel me.

Don't you dare to feel pity for me.
I'm not that kind of people.
I'm strong, I can do anything I want in a right way.

Maybe I just don't care how much you are destroying me,
or knocking me down.
I do am still stand up in my worst.
And I realize that you were here, with me.
In my up and down. We'e been through everything.

and the way we've ended up this stupid things called love just seems so cheesy,
dan goblok.

you cant forgive me even when you've always play with my worst :)


destroy and
also ruin

mine also.

seems not
enough to fix
this stupid

i do
am stupid.